Photos for PG20

Due May 10th

Parents, we need your photos of your students

for two displays at Project Graduation. 

These photos will NOT be returned, so please do not send originals.

Drop off your photos in envelopes, labeled:
"Nostalgia Wall" or "Toddler Contest". Boxes for each of these will be in the Front Office starting January 20th.

Photos are due by May 10th!

Please start turning them in as soon as possible.

Send in copies of your Seniors & their classmates from elementary, middle & high school. Music, dance, competitions, sports, special events, prom or just hanging out with friends. We prefer group photos so that we can fit as many kids as many times as possible! Please send 2-5 photos, 8x10. No names necessary. 
These photos will be displayed at PG2020, and then stored for display at their first Class of 2020 Reunion.
Drop off an 8 x 10 photo COPY of your Senior as a toddler
18 mos. to 3 yrs. old. Pictures should be of Your Child Only. (No Family or Friends).
No Naked Pictures. 
Write Senior's Name and Parent's Phone Number on the back, in case we need to reach you.
Seniors compete for Prize $$ to see who can correctly identify the most toddlers.
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What is Project Graduation

Graduation night has historically been the deadliest night of the year for graduating Seniors. The mission of Project Graduation is to turn it into the safest night of the year by providing an event where Seniors can have fun in a drug and alcohol free environment. 


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