PG20 Committee

PG20 Coordinator 
Lanette Kinnaird
Rebecca Joseph & Anjali Zutshi, Co-Chairs
Susan Benkendorfer, Treasurer
Teresa Bressi, Shawn Kane, Michelle Walker, & Jessica Warren, Solicitations
Diana Saltel, Yard Signs
Cristina Feldott, Chair
Steven & Lori Wescoat, Website
Heather Felder, Chair
Edye Giordano, Junior Co-Chair
Hope Baptiste & Kelly Breeden, Co-Chairs
Games & Entertainment
Laurie Maccini & Kira Zahn, Co-Chairs
Laura Coker, Casino/Carnival
Kim Ragland, Dodgeball
Shelly Taylor
Prizes & Casino Raffle
Theresia Intag & Linnea Rice, Co-Chairs
Volunteers & Student Contracts
Laura Hirschfield & Mercedes Madiedo, Co-Chairs
Anne Hagan & Tish McKernan, Student Check-in/Wristbands
Amy Drummond & Belinda Eckols, Senior Volunteer Coordinator
Ron and Martha Fitzwater & Julie Wilsey, Door Monitors
Jennifer Mazuelos, Student Early/Final Check-out
Celeste Neathery, First Aid
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Make it the safest night of the year!

Graduation night has historically been the deadliest night of the year for graduating Seniors. The mission of Project Graduation is to turn it into the safest night of the year by providing an event where Seniors can have fun in a drug and alcohol free environment. 


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